Illinois Connection Advocacy Group

Did you know that one of the most important ways you can stay connected to the University of Illinois as an alumnus, and one of the biggest impacts you can have on the ongoing support for the University, is by joining Illinois Connection?

Illinois Connection is the grass-roots advocacy network for the University of Illinois.

Through this initiative alumni, students, faculty and friends serve as advocates for the University to ensure support from the state and federal government. By joining Illinois Connection, you will become part of a growing network of nearly 13,000 loyal alumni, students, donors and friends. 

As a vital part of this initiative, you will decide your own level of involvement. You can choose to:

*  Share your "U of I experience" with your personal and professional network
*  Write your legislators an email during key decision making times
*  Send a letter-to-the-editor in support of the U of I
*  Meet with your elected official

Help us advocate for state and federal funding, student financial aid, and research -- which will help ensure a bright, successful future for the University of Illinois.

For more information on this important initiative, visit the Illinois Connection website by clicking here